Post- surgery- Day 11.

I went in yesterday to get my drains checked and turns out my fluid numbers were low enough to get them taken out!!! Whew, what a relief! I was told they would be in 2-3 weeks so 10 days was a welcomed surprise!! I only had one drain on each side. Women with this surgery often have 2-3 on each side so I was very thankful to only have to carry around 2 and empty them 2-3 times a day. They sure were annoying and I feel so much better that they’re out! 

The process was easy and simple. The most painful part was when they pulled off the adhesive where the drain was sutured to my skin, I didn’t feel her cutting out the stitches or pulling the actual drains out at all. The crazy thing though was I got sick about 5-10 minutes later when we got to the car. I sent a Snapchat to a few friends celebrating that I got my drains out and my friend mentioned how painful hers was and that she got sick after it happened. No more than 3 minutes after I read her text I was getting sick too. Thankfully it last for just a few minutes and we had a couple of bags in my trunk to use, but then I was fine. I wonder if this happens to many people after their drains are removed? They didn’t mention it at all to me at the doctor’s office. I’m just glad the appointment was so early that I hadn’t even eaten anything for the day yet. 
Pictures – a picture of the drains after they were removed, a picture of me and one of my seatbelt pillows (lifesavers for riding in the car!) and my great side braid courtesy of my best friend who stayed with me for the whole week. A picture of my sweet boy hanging out on the couch. He has learned to be “gentle” with mommy because she has boo-boos and it is the cutest. He’s goes 100mph all day long but thankfully Paw Patrol on Tv or Chuggington on Netflix will slow him down for a little be so I can steal som snuggles- which I am totally taking advantage of right now! Also, although I haven’t taken many pictures of us being at home, my best friend from my hometown brought my grandmother up here to stay for the week, then they left yesterday and traded spots with my best friend from Texas who came for the weekend. We toile a trip to Pike Nurseries and my 25 week pregnant friend threw John up on her shoulders and carried him all around the nursery. Then, we came home and I had to go to a dr appt so she planted ALL the flowers we bought while John was napping.  I am so very thankful for them!! 

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