Friends. I am so grateful.

This past week and weekend was such a blessing to my family and me. My grandmother and two of my best friends, Lindsay and Malloree, came to visit and loved on us so very well! I have to tell you all that they did and share the pictures! I have a little idea for future posts about how I want to honor and share friends who have been so important to me in my life… that’s coming up soon. For now, I just have to share how sweet these two friends have been during this tough time and how very thankful I am. I hope that one day I can repay them in some capacity. My best friend, Lindsay

who is 25 weeks pregnant and my 82 year old grandmother, MeeMee, came to visit last week and stayed to help from Tues-Fri. Thankfully, Lindsay has a flexible job that enabled her to work some during the day while she was here but still allow time to help with John and me. It was a welcomed relief for Steven who was able to squeeze in a few hours of work each day and get a break from dealing with our toddler and me. We had so much fun. I can’t do much (posting about that soon) but I can get outside and walk around. Once day, we went to our local Pike Nursery and picked up flowers to put on our porch, plant a hydrangea given to me by a neighbor, and plant a few other flowers around our yard. I had to go to a dr appt later that afternoon and by the time we got back ALL the plants were planted and our yard looks beautiful!

Since I’ve been (pretty much) homebound the last two weeks, it has given me so much time to constantly think about what needs to be done around our house and the more I think about it, the more it HAS to be done. Well… Lindsay and my grandmother (we call her MeeMee) are very efficient when it comes to getting tasks completed and have spotless homes themselves so they were up for the challenge. We finished so many projects:

This first, which has been a long time coming was our mudroom. I wish I had a before picture but I didn’t take one – our mudroom was a mess! We went to Target and got bins for the top and bottom shelves, we stained the fram to hold invites and notes and the “Welcome Home” sign was stained then I used a silhouette to cut the letters on the sign. Lindsay used her bow tying skills to tie two adorable bows on both pieces and mudroom is now adorable, functional, and complete!



Next, which I mentioned in a previous post (read here), was our yard. I desperately needed to replace my hanging planter baskets with new flowers as well as our little bed that I usually plant new annuals in every season. My sweet neighbor brought me a hydrangea, so it needed to be planted too. We also found these beautiful red flowers that we planted by one of our trees in our front yard. Here are a few pictures, but ignore the pine straw! We have a new batch coming the end of this week!

Lastly, they did countless other projects throughout our house: various loads of laundry, organized part of my closet and all of my dresser drawers, washed and changed the sheets in our guest rooms, cooked meals to freeze for later, cleaned, swept, vacuumed, and began to organize an extra bedroom that we will soon be decorating for John’s “big boy” room, then cleaned up and organized our office which is filled with all of my arts and crafts things, teaching supplies that I use for tutoring, and Steven’s home office. It is truly a hot mess in there! Maybe I will post about that one day… we’ve got a long way to go with these two rooms!

THEN, when I thought we had completed enough projects, my friend Malloree came to visit and help for the weekend. She lives with her family in Texas and is also just as pregnant as Lindsay and came ready to clean, play, and help out in any way. Well, I really thought there was nothing else to do, but I was so wrong! She did so much to help!

We changed out all of John’s clothes that do not fit anymore, washed more sheets and did more laundry, cleaned out my bathroom closet and organized everything under my sink so that I could see and easily get to it with my limitations right now as well as my closet. We were able to put all the clothes that I can put on without too much help on my bottom rack so I can easily access them. We also cooked veggie burgers to freeze and ate a few along the way! Mal was quite surprised with how much vegan food she had eaten in just three days! 😉 Come visit friends, I’ll feed you well but I may put you to work too.  Just kidding, but I am so thankful for these sweet friends who came to love on all of us and serve us so well in so many ways. Don’t be fooled though, we got in some shopping and fun time spent with each other too. It doesn’t hurt that we live less than a mile from an awesome outlet mall and our downtown area has so many cute shopping boutiques too.

John giving Aunt Mal some hugs and kisses before she left.

We made do with washing my hair in the sink!




















Also, I would be remiss to not mention other amazing friends and neighbors who have allowed John to come over and play giving Steven a break for a few hours and for those who have brought over the MOST DELICIOUS vegan meals. We have not had a bad one and they have all been amazing!! Y’all are seriously some great cooks! New post coming with these recipes and some of mine that I have quickly found to be my vegan favorites. Switching to vegan was a hard decision, but it has quickly proved to be working out great and I feel the best I have ever felt (health wise) in my entire life!

Upcoming posts that I mentioned in this one so I won’t forget to post about them soon… gracious friends and help during this time, post surgery limitations/frustrations, John’s new bedroom, and my new vegan diet.

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