Toddler Life.

I need to share some pictures just because they make me smile. Enjoying this sweet and sometimes crazy 2 year old of mine!

Playing with friends while I had my Leep Procedure done last Friday. He had the best time!

Meal times are always interesting. A recent development is not sitting in his high chair anymore. Super fun for him, not so much for us!


Mother’s Day!!

I finally got a good smile (he has recently learned the word cheeeeeeeese and will smile as long as he is saying it, then he’s done! Swimming at my in-laws is his favorite, riding the pressure washer (who knew that would be fun!) and hugging his best friend, Tonka, who is so very patient with him all the time!

Cuddles with me this morning and all of our blankets and his lovies.

Mornings are the best! Excuse my messy room!!

Lastly, this is our struggle every time he takes a bath. This kid LOVES playing in water and even when the water is all gone he lays down in the tub as a last ditch effort to keep playing. Bedtime stalling at its finest, friends. Thankfully, he doesn’t put up too much of a fight and loves to go “night, night!”


Happy Monday, friends!!

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