Inedible brownies.

Everything causes cancer. 


I can’t put one single thing in my mouth to eat without thinking of the repercussions it could have on my body. I know too much about food now. I’ve researched too much about chemicals and ingredients in packaging and food and everything in between and it’s just too much. 

I hate feeling this way. I hate thinking like this every time I want to eat something. It really stinks. Yes I know it’s ok and one little of this or that will not kill me, but it’s one thing to know that and one thing to try to make yourself not think about it every single time you eat. 

That’s why it’s been so easy to lose and keep off 17 pounds in the last 6 weeks. Insert eye roll. Give me those 17 pounds back with no cancer, please! 

Ok end rant and frustration. Some days just stink, today- is obviously one of those days. 

In other news, I tried making vegan brownies and they were horrible. Completely inedible. Definitely a first for me. 

Yes, it’s ok to laugh at that. Of course, I’m going to leave you with a laugh. Brownies with one million ingredients that tasted terrible. Ugh.

Happy Saturday, friends! 

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