Favorite things – Part 3.

Favorite things, part tres! In between a cancer post or two, I figured I might as well add some fun to these posts! Here are a few of my favorites things concerning health, Jesus, and hair!


  1. Favorite cookbook – hands down is this one. If you’ve veer seen my Insta stories, almost 99% of the time the recipes are from Oh She Glows by: Angela Liddon. I have made over half of the recipes in this cookbook and I can honestly say that every single one of them have been delicious! I completely changed my diet to vegan and gluten free back in April and because of her recipes I haven’t looked back. Seriously y’all, I don’t miss meat or dairy at all. Have you seen What the Health on Netflix? Watch it and you may consider it too. 😉
  2. Favorite podcast – so this is a nutrition one by one of the guys behind What the Health, Dr Gregor. I love his podcasts because they are short, to the point, and fact based. Give them a listen! I’ve learned so much! *Find his Podcasts on your podcast app – couldn’t find a link for it*
  3. Favorite Bible – can you really have a “favorite”??? I don’t quite know, but after being backordered for months, this one finally came in the mail and I LOVE it!! *PS they’re on super sale! I suggest getting the thumb-indexed version.
  4. Favorite green tea – I switched (mostly) to drinking green tea rather than coffee a few months ago and I found this brand of matcha that I LOVE. It’s a little pricey (about $2/ drink – cheaper than Starbucks!), but worth it! I like it so much more than other powder matcha brands. These two are my other favs when I don’t have UMatcha, this one and this one. I drink ALOT of green tea because its packed with antioxidants and matcha green tea has even more than regular green tea. Give it a try! Sometimes I add raw honey or coconut creamer to give it a little different taste. You can’t go wrong anyway you have it!
  5. Favorite Hair ties, but not really a tie- seriously THE BEST! I don’t have much hair (thanks pregnancy 2 years ago and life trauma that causes it to fall out), but it’s long and thick. I need a good hair tie and this one is amazing. I get the POWER ones because they hold tighter, especially when working out. These hold tight, don’t crease and they don’t ever stretch out. What more could you want?!?

Happy Friday!

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