Friday Favorite Things.

Ok, so confession time. I like to shop. I have cheap but good deals on clothes and shoes and a few other favorites not clothing related, in case you don't care about those things. 😉

1) Podcast – Last week I mentioned Dr. Greger's Nutritional Facts podcast. This week is another health one: Nourish with Maggie McDarris. She's not vegan, but it's equally informative, short and to the point! I recently listened to the Ancient Grains post and it's one of my favorites. She gives some really great ideas for how to use different grains that you may never even heard of before. This is especially helpful for me with options, since I eat gluten free whenever possible.

2) G.H. Bass Outlet – yes, you may have heard of this store long ago or from your Grandmother. Well, I'm obsessed. Earlier this year, I bought their slides and they are THE BEST SHOES!! No, seriously just take my word for it. I loved them so much I bought them in both colors, black and gold. They're on sale right now, maybe they have them in your size! I also recently got some mules, which are equally as comfortable and a pair of raw hem white jeans – both less than $20! 🎉 I got them all on super sale so they may not have your size, but they restock often! Links: jeans, slides, mules.

3) Write the Word journals – These are back in stock after being sold out for half a year and you must go get one!! My friend Lauren bought me one after being diagnosed with cancer in April and it has been one of my most favorite things lately!! See and read about them here – you have a bunch of options to choose from!

4) Cauliflower Rice Stirfry – Vegan style, of course! Get two bags of frozen riced cauliflower and one bag of frozen mixed veggies, make this sauce (sauce ingredients only – unless you want to add the tofu, it's so good!) and mix it all together and you have one delicious weeknight meal thats SO easy!! Seriously, its been one of my favorites lately. Also, totally can be changed up and added to – for protein… add scrambled egg, extra firm tofu -Cook it like she does here (or here, I like this recipe for tofu "sauce" too), must bake first!), or chicken. Enjoy and you're welcome.

5) Dollar Store Toys – Whoa! This week my friend mentioned that she sometimes goes to the dollar store and picks up cheap trinkets for her boys to play with when they need something new and different. This was a fantastic idea! I dropped by there on my way home this week and got a few things for John since he got his hearing aids this week and I needed some new distractions. Goodness, they are his new favorite toys. He'll probably be tired of them by next week, but thankfully I only spent about $5! Specifically, I got him an Elmo book (Elmo is his favorite right now), stickers, a magnetic write and erase board, water squirters that are easy for him to use, and "dot" paint markers (presses it down and makes a dot, like a bingo marker). There was so much more, but I didn't want to get too much junk. Just an idea when you need something new!

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