About Me

Hi friends!

*Pictures above by our friend and extremely talented photographer – Sarah Harms

I’m Carly and I started this blog when I found out I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March of 2017. I and 31 years old and have been married for 3 years (March 2017) and we have a 2 year old ALL BOY toddler who constantly keeps us on ours toes. We recently moved to the cutest suburb north of Atlanta, Georgia to create roots in our community, be closer to my in-laws and sister in law, build lasting friendships, and escape the one and only terrible thing about the City of Atlanta, traffic!

My hope is to be a positive light in the midst of suffering and hard times that we may experience in our lives. I’ve certainly had a laundry list of life events that could have broken me already, but I stand firm in my belief that Jesus Christ is my Redeemer, Comforter, and Healer – among many other things – that brings me through these storms and out on the other side of them as a stronger and more confident wife, mom, and friend. Throughout this journey of blogging, I will slowly share my story – past and present- of who I am, where I’ve been, and what God has done to me and through me in all of it. He is a good, good Father.

Please join me. I’m excited to share my life with you.

Ps. I’m a huge introvert so this is going to be challenging, but here goes anyway!