Post-Surgery: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly.

Well… post surgery is here and whoa it hit me like a freight train. I knew it was going to be hard, but I also know the really bad part is only going to be for a few more days.

I am very hopeful.


YALL – this is the really, REALLY good part… I AM (almost) CANCER FREE!! What does that mean? That means that my breast surgeon had a hard time even finding the tumor because it was so small and an even harder time finding my lymph nodes (they grow larger when the cancer has spread to them) so while we won’t get the final pathology report back until Friday at the earliest, I am believing that this happened and is happening for God’s Work to be done through me. Its all worth it for Him. The cancer stayed put (THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS) and it was all removed yesterday. To God be the GLORY!

Other good things – I haven’t been nauseous at all from any medicine, I can walk around, I’ve been able to eat today, and I’ve slept some. Thankful for friends who live close to Piedmont and could bring us lunch and dinner, and Steven even got to eat wings and beer with his best friend – Thank you Carly, Sarah & Justin, and Anthony!! Neighbors who pick up packages and flowers off our porch so they’re safe AND even offer to plant a beautiful hydrangea because she knows she has a much greener thumb than me!! Thank you, Erica!! Friends who are taking off work and leaving their families to come stay with me for a few days who are both pregnant themselves (Lindsay and Malloree!!) and others who can’t wait to keep John 😉  I am so very grateful! Neighbors who have offered to come fix my hair and empty my drains and change my dressings, y’all are the best!! Then, the rest of you who are so willing to do anything that we could possibly need at a moment’s notice, I am so very thankful!! I am seriously the luckiest to have each and every one of you! I only hope I can do whatever I can to help all of you one day in any way that I can, your kindness is the real deal.

I have a bigger post about this coming eventually.

Lastly, Steven – He has been my rock. This has been a hard two days and he has handled me so very well. I haven’t been the nicest at times, pretty demanding, yet he has continued to show me grace and love, constantly.

The BAD! 

Well, to be honest, there’s not really anything bad at all. I’m choosing to be positive and know that while I am in pain right now, this will not last forever and I will be as good as new sooner than I think.

The UGLY! 

I had really bad post surgery anxiety and that was probably the hardest part not being able to control my pain or my emotions yesterday and this morning. I have never been under anesthesia or on pain meds like this before so I had no clue how my body would react. Thankfully, I had a few friends who prepared me for it as much as they could. It really helped so much! The pain really stinks. I’m on night 2 in the hospital trying to manage my pain, Apparently, I’m kind of wimp. I kid, I kid! BUT this pain is no joke. Hopefully, we will have it managed by tomorrow morning and we will be on our way home! Please pray we get this pain managed with a great plan and can say sayonara to the hospital!

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